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We offer a range of consulting services, for improving  business process and environmental best practice.

Our expert knowledge has progressed from 20 years experience transforming organisations into environmentally friendly and efficient places to be. Using a lean philosophy and a thorough and friendly service, we have helped organisations flourish! We can dissect your business, looking at energy, water, transport and infrastructure and tailoring a plan best for you. Our top advice and implementation of green tech products will help reach your goals and save money all while boosting sustainability within your organisation.

As part of the Future Economy Group, we now also run Future Economy Recruitment where we can help find your dream candidates in the environmental sector.


    Lean Thinking is about doing more and more with less and less:-

    • Cash
    • Space
    • Inventor
    • Human effort

    Lean Thinking is not only applied to manufacturing but also to the whole enterprise, including the supply chain, sales processes, design processes and the provision of any service.

    We are here to help you make that transformation in a sustainable way by suggesting and tailoring the tools and techniques to the exact requirements of your situation and industry.  Using our experience and working together we have demonstrated that big improvements can be rapidly delivered where other approaches have failed. 

    Our consultants have worked at senior levels across a wide range of industries. We have learnt the hard way: by making a difference and implementing transformational change across various disciplines, not just reading the right books but by working with your people in your environment.

    Above all we have learnt that everyone is different but, if you stick to the principles, amazing things can happen in any business.

    We will help you design and implement a program of development to the exact requirements of your organisation, so you obtain the results you desire at the pace you dictate.

    We can even help arrange government funding to help with your transformation programme.

    No long contracts.
    No endless consultancy fees.

    Just genuine change you can see as your people and your business develop.
    We have outlined the key areas we often use to help people successfully make the transformation to a Lean Enterprise happen.

    We are only successful when you are. So, if we don’t think we can help you we will let you know straight away.  We will even recommend other organisations if we think they are better suited. 


    Our consultants have years of experience and we can give you an environmental audit that looks at key areas of waste in your business and how you can become more efficient.


    With our extensive network of contacts we can help find your dream job or candidate in the environmental and low carbon sector.

    The Future Economy Group – at the forefront of sustainability and the environment – has appointed Richard Murphy as Director – Recruitment Services.

    Richard has joined us from Business in the Community The Princes Responsible business network  helping members in delivering social, environmental and economic sustainability across all areas of their business.

    He has an extensive background successfully delivering  bespoke professional recruitment services to Corporate and SME clients. Richard will be working closely with our trusted network to help identify and connect sustainable businesses with the talent they need to grow.

    He will provide Permanent Placement and Executive Search recruitment services for all our network members and subscribers,as well as the opportunity to advertise vacancies through our powerful network and social media channels.

    Additionally Richard will be available to discuss and  provide careers information , advice and guidance through the Future Economy Network. Richard will be available at all our weekly Future Economy Network Events and can arrange to meet to discuss your needs and requirements in more detail. 

    So , please call , message or email Richard on 07944 433117

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Green tech products of the future

We’ve got a portfolio of cutting edge products from energy efficient lighting and control systems, right through to futuristic nano sized chips that harness quantum science technology. Our list of products are always growing as we seek the newest and most advanced green tech solutions.

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  • “Whilst delivering this for clients and partners, we make sure that environmental best practice is embedded in all these activities and ensure that efficiency adoption and deployment is at the very heart of our work.”

    Alan Bailey
  • The support is delivered through key areas of activity in finance raising, implementing lean systems and processes, product and service innovation, commercialisation of great ideas and accessing routes to markets via my vast network of contacts.

    Alan Bailey
  • “I am bringing 15 years of work together into one place, for those that don’t know, we are a multi-disciplinary organisation focused on delivering pragmatic business support and advice.”

    Alan Bailey
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