A little bit about us

We support and nurture the great ideas that hold the solutions for now and the future. We help eco-preneurs to grow their business, by tapping into our vast network of contacts, making their markets more attainable. We also work with organisations from the SouthWest and beyond, connecting and implementing them with the best in technologies and environmental products.

Future Economy Group was founded in 2016, and we strive to tackle the environmental problems facing planet earth by encouraging green business in Bristol and beyond.
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    The environment comes first in everything we do, so we will only work with products and services that are the most green and sustainable.


    We have time for everyone. Just give us a call or pop in to one of our meeting rooms for a friendly coffee and a chat.


    We want to share our knowledge of sustainability with you, we’re working on opening a retail space that will educate about our vision of the future and give an informative and interactive experience.


    Integrity and honesty underpins everything we do, we want to be as transparent as possible in the way we run things.


    5% of our profits go to charities making an amazing change to the natural world and back into community projects making a difference.

Our Story

Future Economy Group has a simple, clear and ambitious mission: to help transform how we all do business in future through the introduction of game-changing green technologies and lean business practices,  which enhance both the financial and environmental performance of organisations.

As a project development specialist we have a proven track record of working in partnership with technological development organisations or innovative individuals – whether it be through license arrangements, equity-based agreements or joint ventures – to commercialise and advance solutions which provide clean energy, minimise power consumption and lower carbon emissions.

Our team work together to deliver a customer-centric service, where we will look after you every step of the process. Whether you are an entrepreneur with a new product or an organisation looking to save money and energy. We have time for everyone who comes through our doors or gets in contact. Our ultimate goal is to educate people about sustainability and show that if you start with optimism, there really is the answers in technology to help us human get through this period of transition away from Fossil fuels.



  • Davina Gilbert
  • Lauren Elliot

    Lauren is our Festival Coordinator, who will be delivering our Festival Of Sustainable Business in September 2019. She has a strong events background, working for We The Curious amongst other key venues around Bristol. Lauren is passionate about sustainability and is doing everything she can, so that generations behind her can enjoy this planet! A side hobby of hers is making something out of nothing, if you’re ever on a bus and you see someone knitting, it’s probably Lauren!

  • Katherine Piper

    Katherine is our Director of the Future Economy Network. With a Masters in Sustainable Development, she is passionate about sustainability and in her spare time is one of the Directors of Bedminster Energy Group, a volunteer-led community energy group with a mission to reduce the neighbourhood’s carbon footprint. You can catch Katherine at any FEN event or why not join her “retrobics” exercise classes on Wednesday night?!!

  • Simon Forsyth
    Energy Expert

    Simon stumbled into environmental management in 1989 by offering to look after a paper recycling bin at work. After that, things rather ran away with themselves. He helped set up the Green Teams at Hewlett Packard in Bristol, ran them for five years, then became HP Ltd’s full-time environmental specialist. He left in 2000 to run a small consultancy, went on to run the Econet in-work training project, helped deliver the southwest-wide Envision programme, established a number of Resource Efficiency Clubs for small businesses, and now focuses on the business linkages between cost-intensity, carbon-intensity, and becoming more profitable. To condense all this into something usable, he produces simplifying software.

  • Tess O’Shea
    Director of Products and Services

    Tess is the Director of Products and Services. She works marketing and exhibiting all of the cutting edge green-tech products and ethical services we offer at the Future Economy Group. A graduate from UWE, she has previously had experience in MadeInBristol, Hurricane Media and starting a seaweed skin care business in 2016. With a passion for film,you can catch Tess making short films in her spare time or hanging out with her bunny Fuji!

  • Paul Albone

    Paul, who an associate of the Future Economy Group has over 20 years of consulting about the best ways to save energy and money within large corporations. He worked for MARS, as the head of manufacturing, where he transformed productivity and has since been lean consulting. Having set up Brunel Industries alongside Alan, he has since gone to help innovate and change companies, using a lean approach.



  • Alan Bailey

    Alan, joint founder of Future Economy Group, is also Chairman of Low Carbon South West, one of the UK’s largest trade bodies representing environmental technology and service providers. Alan is the brainchild of the Environmental Trade Show, which is the largest event of its kind held in the South West. Alan is also actively involved in the business community and he was recently appointed the Chair of the Business Forum at the new University Technical College (UTC), which is being created in Bristol to nurture local talent in the fields of technology and engineering.

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