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5 Positive attitude changes your business can learn from Christiana Figueres

The UN Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC, recently was joined by The Guardian environmental editor Damien Carrington in London, for a talk on Climate Change. But don’t worry if you missed it, because I’ve got the top 5 things that we can learn from the unstoppable Christiana..

Composed, compassionate and in her own words ‘stubborn’, Figueres has a way of captivating a crowd and getting people excited about sustainability. She is a beaming ray of positivity, for the terrifying challenges that lie ahead. In this blog I want to share with you some of the The Costa Rican UN ambassador’s most poignant points on Climate change. As businesses, we can adopt her progressive attitude and also reinforce the strong monetary case for tackling climate change and going green.

1) “Start with Optimism”

This is the most important of all. What’s in store for the world does sound distressing. ‘Rising tides and temperatures’ on paper, sounds perilous. But if we are hopeful and positive, then we can begin to collectively tackle the problems ahead. And it’s not all doom and gloom, Christiana see’s the next hundred years as the ‘human race improving themselves’. Constant innovation got us to now, from the very first tools we used to farm, to industrialisation and the technological advances of the 20th century. It will be the innovative solutions, great ideas and minds of the 21st century which will allow us adapt to the consequences of global warming. With the right optimistic attitude, we can lessen the blow and save millions of lives. But we must act quick, and be prepared for a rocky road which requires her stubborn and defiant attitude,to get things done.

2) “Progress is already happening..”

But how do we stay positive, when all around us, on a day to day basis, the news is filled with forest fires, droughts, flooding and the negative impacts of global climate change. Well, Christina stresses that progress is already happening on a large scale, we’re just not hearing about it as much. She enthusiastically reminded us that Tesla have achieved in 4 years of profits what other car companies took 40 years to do. And that India’s vehicles will be all electric by 2030, (beating the UK’s goal to be fuel-free by 10 years!) It’s important that we keep the momentum going, so hearing more of these good news stories will make us more inclined to fast track changes! Why not seek some good news stories and get some inspiration on what you can do in your business community?

3) ‘We can share so much of what we have’

Excessive consumption and a greedy attitude, is what is causing the global demand to exceed resources. Do we each need a lawn mower that gets used once a month or can we share it? Christiana asks. Mass consumerism means we burn our way through gimmicks and products that just don’t last. But if we share, we can save precious resources. And it’s nice, to be nice! What could you share in your office or neighbourhood that only gets used very occasionally?

4) Technology is the future.

Christiana gets so enthused and excited about new technology. (something we share here at FEG also!). When someone in the crowd asks a tough question about air travel for vacations, she responds with excitement with her hands in the air. She talks of the worlds first solar powered airplane, and how if we could see and hear of the new and emerging technologies she encounters every day, we would be as excited as her! Every hard question from the audience, she responds with a better alternative.

From the potential of Artificial intelligence, which can optimise the demand and generation of energy, right through to waste and energy efficiency products. (much like the tech products we provide for businesses). It really does not all have to be doom and gloom and there really is a growing number of green technologies that can help save the planet!

5)”Good for business”

There really is a strong business case for going green. Christiana explains that we are moving towards a much more resource efficient society, and we will have to decarbonise very soon. As the divestment from fossil fuels begins,it is opening up some exciting new economic opportunities for low carbon goods and services and renewable alternatives. When Christiana spoke about ‘Energy and Waste efficiency technologies’,I smiled to myself. These technologies are the very ones which we offer to businesses to save them money, resources and help the environment. It’s implementing these efficient tech products into your organisations that will help collectively combat climate change in the city.

Here at Future Economy Group we want the world to know that your business, really can be responsible, sustainable and profitable. That’s why we connect organisations around the SouthWest  to the best green tech products on the market. Pushing forward a global low carbon economy, that rewards business and the environment.

If you are a business and are looking to make some changes and become eco-friendly, do get in contact, we can help you!

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