We nurture great ideas and help connect businesses to sustainable solutions

We know a good idea when we see one. 

We support and nurture the great ideas that hold the solutions for now and the future.  We work with organisations from the SouthWest and beyond, connecting them and implementing the best environmental technologies. As a multi-disciplinary organisation, we provide the infrastructure and tools to help businesses excel in becoming more sustainable. 

We’re in the process of building a sustainability hub for the SouthWest. This will include an events space, co-working space, and large retail area for the green-tech products of the future. We are hoping to be operating out of our sustainability hub this spring/summer 2019.

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  • Consultancy & Recruitment
    Consultancy & Recruitment
    Brunel industries is our consulting element of the business, where we can offer you advice and guidance on how to save money and energy within your organisation
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  • Products
    We've got a bunch of cutting edge products from energy efficient lights, right through to futuristic nano sized chips that use quantum science technology. Our list of products is always growing as we seek the newest and most advanced green tech solutions.
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  • Future Economy Network
    Future Economy Network
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  • Contact
    We want to hear from you. If we can't help we'll always recommend an organisation that can. Pop in or email and let's have a chat!
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  • Testimonials
    • “The Future Economy Network serves a great purpose to connect the many organisations and people working towards a sustainable future. Whether it is a small solar installer looking to discover how markets are changing or a large financial company looking for investment opportunities or an organisation wanting to reduce costs to both the environment and the bottom line then FEN offers the best place around to get involved. Here at the Schumacher Institute we are dedicated to applying systems sciences to the many difficult issues we face and we see enterprise, guided through principles, as essential – FEN is an excellent guide.”

      Alan Bailey
    • “Your zero carbon building is smack on the line of what’s needed to walk the talk – climate change is all very centre stage, at last, with both Extinction Rebellion and David Attenborough making the case that it’s time to stop living in a dram world and face the truth. Suddenly, FEN’s central proposition seems to be what everybody wants. It is here, it is now.”

      Alan Bailey
    • “I am bringing 15 years of work together into one place, for those that don’t know, we are a multi-disciplinary organisation focused on delivering pragmatic business support and advice.”

      Alan Bailey
    Our clients
    Because there's only one planet earth

    We’ve transformed businesses helping them grow, with the planet in mind.

    We ensure that the environment comes first in everything we practice. So all our processes, products and services are truly the most sustainable they can be. We also give 5% of profits back into eco charities and community projects.

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